EndoGear2 Transit-time Telemetry System


EG108 Base Station

  • Interfaces between the Implant via the RF Transceivers, the E-GUI control software and the user chosen data acquisition system

RF Transceivers

  • Monopole extended range
  • Planar short range
  • Bi-direction communication with the Implant

Customizable Implant:

  • Volume Flow (up to 1 channel)
  • Blood Pressure (up to 2 channels including ECG channels)
  • ECG (up to 2 channels including pressure channels)
  • Temperature (one built in channel)

Battery Power Module

  • Choose battery size and cable length

Transit-time Flow Probes

  • Wide range of Perivascular Flowprobe styles including PS-Series and AU-Series
  • Transonic's gold standard transit-time technology

Blood Pressure Sensors

  • Different lengths for animal size and measurement location
  • Solid-state pressure sensor technology

ECG Sensors

  • Different lengths for animal size