ADV500 PV System


Transonic’s ADVantage Pressure-Volume System

The ADVantage Pressure-Volume system allows you to study subtle changes in heart function as well as: 

  • Inter-animal comparisons
  • Drug therapy evaluation
  • Degrees of heart failure
  • Valve disease

The ADVantage Pressure-Volume system features: 

  • One pressure volume input and one additional pressure input
  • Tactile-button operation and system menus increase ease of use
  • Analog outputs compatible with most data acquisition systems
  1. Pressure
  2. Volume
  3. Phase
  4. Magnitude
  5. Pressure 2
  • Excellent measurement accuracy
  • Absolute volume in real-time with admittance technology
  • Compatible with all Transonic Scisense Pressure Volume & Pressure Catheters
  • Not for use in humans